Welcome to Gatebook 2.0

The future of Visitor Management

What is Gatebook 2.0?

Gatebook 2.0 is the latest evolution of the Gatebook visitor management system. Boasting a modified look, new features and improved security, and integrating the lessons we have learnt from running Gatebook over the years, Gatebook 2.0 is the future of Gatebook

Should I register?

Only if your estate is running on Gatebook 2.0 - some estates are running on Gatebook 1.0. If you aren't sure, contact your estate management to confirm. Don't worry though - that system is still supported and being worked on.

How do I get my estate to use Gatebook 2.0?

Our sales people can be reached on (031) 035 0941 or sales@gatebook.co.za - ask your estate management to get in touch!